Welcome to
Wisney HeliLAKE
Welcome to
Wisney HeliLAKE
Welcome to
Wisney HeliLAKE
Wisney HeliLAKE Resort

Serve for perfect nature lovers’ hideaway induging in HeliLAKE scenery
HeliLAKE Resort consist of 188 lots of independent resort suite with private swimming pool.

It’s located along the “W” coastal of HeliLAKE in close proximy with HeliLAKE extreme water sport at right wing or musical fountain on the left wing
Organic farm will be the main forte in developing family bonding who stay at left wing.

While extreme sport passionate can stay on the right wing to release stressful city life tension.


It’s a “W” design man made lake which will be developed by Wisney World to house 188 Resort Suite along the coastal of the lake.

Wisney Tower

It’s a 28 level sky scrapping tower being built in the middle of man made HeliLAKE.

HeliLAKE observation deck

AIt’s a scenery viewing observation deck which is place at 28th level of HeliLAKE.

HeliLAKE 28 Café

28th floor tower viewing deck restaurant, located in the middle of HeliLAKE tower which serve continental fine dining.


A Helipad is place on top of HeliLAKE tower to facilitate the landing of Helicopter.

Helicopter ride

Experience the best view of helicopter ride at HeliLAKE Helicopter will also facilitate sky surfing lover to ensure unforgettable experience of sky diving.

Musical fountain

An impressive day and night musical fountain at HeliLAKE which will definitely excite you family and friends when you stay in HeliLAKE Resort Musical fountain will be build on the right of HeliLAKE.

Extreme water sport

All extreme sport will be segregated to right side of the lake for safety purposes Jetski, Jetovator, Water Jet Pack and parasailing will be ready to serve extreme sport fans.

Boat ride

A family boat ride at HeliLAKE create strong family bonding and team spirit.

Organic family farm

A private organic farm for family enjoy a sense of natural farming without chemical.